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It is not easy to deal with unwanted pests. Some supermarket-purchased products are not always effective and sometimes over-priced. Pest Control Experts Pretoria are the best people to help you with your infestations.

Pests come as many shapes and sizes. Infestations are not just bad news for commercial properties, but also for residential properties.

Pretoria Signs You Might Need Pest Control Experts

Although you may not be able to see them in your home or office, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. There are signs that they may be present in your home or business. You can stop an infestation by hiring Pretoria’s pest control professionals.

These are signs that you should hire pest control services immediately.

Droppings can be found in the living areas, in cupboards, and outside your home or office. Droppings may be visible in and around the premises, especially in the case where mice and rats are involved.

If they feel safe, they will settle down.

Pests are known to breed and multiply their family. If they find that your home is good for them or their families, rodents and other pests will move in if you don’t take action.

Fabric and upholstery are damaged

You may notice the damage to fabric items once pests have settled in. For the same damage you might find on couches or other fabric areas, inspect your clothes in the closet and drawers.

Surfaces feel and look grimy

Pests such as rodents leave a residue on surfaces where they walk or crawl. The residue becomes hardened and looks dirty.

The air has a strange odor

Like other organisms, pests also urinate and excrete. Although excrements from pests are not always visible, they can sometimes emit unusual smells such as vinegar, ammonia and musty.

After identifying the signs they have made themselves at home on your property, you will know that Pest Control Experts Pretoria is needed.

Pest Control Experts in Pretoria Avoid Ineffective DIY and Chemical Insecticides

Our professional assistance will help you get rid of ants, cockroaches and other pests in your home.

Why Ant Control is Necessary

It is important to control ants, especially if they live in colonies. It can be difficult to eradicate ants from a colony. Pest management by an exterminator can help you manage the situation and allow you to live comfortably without worrying about ants biting or stealing food.

Cockroach Infestations Must Be Stopped

Cockroaches can be unsightly and reproduce in large numbers, just like other pests. Cockroaches can be found in many places, and you will likely see more of them over time. Unfortunately, cockroaches, just like bed bugs and mites, can spread quickly from one house to another, which contributes to their rapid spread.

We are experts in cockroach control in Pretoria. We can help with all your pest problems, including cockroach extermination or eradication.

COVID-19 Fogging Solutions

In these current times, it is crucial to disinfect and clean your premises. Pest Control Experts are now joining the fight to protect commercial and residential properties with fogging and fumigation technology.

Termite Control & Extermination

Like most pests, termites can cause havoc in a very short time. Termites can infest wooden structures and buildings. Termites can pose a threat to the occupants of buildings and can cause major damage or expense to repair.

Rodents can’t shut down your business!

Rodents can be a problem for restaurants and other hospitality establishments. Expert rodent control and extermination will get rid of your rodent problem sooner than you think.

Fly Control – Say Goodbye to Flies

Flies can be a nuisance and can cause serious health problems. They also breed very quickly. Flies can spread diseases such as cholera, gastroenteritis “stomachflu” and other germs.

Flies can transmit unwanted diseases and viruses to food that is stored for human consumption by moving from one place to another. Flies can spread disease and germs regardless of the sanitation conditions. It is important to get rid of all flies.

Pretoria’s Pest Control Experts Are Here To Help With All Your Infestation Problems

The Pest Control Experts of Pretoria can help with flea, rodent, termite, or house flies.

Get in touch and we’ll take it from there.